Horizontal Balers
Komet 8/12/18

BIGmatic* – the intelligent system:
Upon completion of the fully automatic compaction process, the feed door immediately opens again with a damped motion.

Highest economic efficiency from creative ideas and technical perfection. Environmental protection made easy:
Convincing ideas and state-of-the-art engineering enable truly effortless and cost-efficient disposal of compactable waste. The vertical balers of the Quickstar 8-18 series and the horizontal balers of the Komet 8-18 series have been completely redesigned. The most outstanding feature of these balers is the BIGmatic feed door (patented). After completion of the automatic compaction process, the feed door opens with a damped movement, leaving the baler ready to be filled again. A decisive advantage. You will never again stand in front of a closed compaction chamber with the next load. Both balers are ergonomically designed and demonstrate the successful combination of engineering, functionality, and form. It should be noted that unlike vertical balers, the entire compaction chamber of a horizontal baler is always available.

Close the feed door on the filled compaction chamber and start the compaction cycle with a simple push of the start button. That’s all! The compaction process runs automatically. When the maximum ram pressure is reached, the ram head automatically returns to its starting position and the BIGmatic feed door opens automatically. The baler is ready for the next load. This cycle can be repeated until the selected bale size is reached.

Exemplary engineering, rugged and durable:
High-quality components, central control panel, energy-efficient motor, hydraulic lines made of elastic high-pressure hoses, honed cylinders, ground, polished and hard-chrome plated piston rod, tempered rollers to guide the ram head.

It’s in the details:
Automatic "Bale ready " message, adjustable bale size, automatic shutdown in case of oil loss, strong hold-down dogs and much more. Increased stability of the steel construction and the smallest components, long guide ways on the power-transmitting elements. We know from experience that extra capacity is useful, since surprising applications can arise later. One of our customers, for example, uses a Komet baler to compact drums and trading units.

BIG ease of operation:
Feed opening and compaction chamber are generously sized to accept easily even large-volume items. BIGmatic feed door. Easy tying due to a new type of tying system with top-mounted storage magazine for tying material. Smooth, easy door opening using an eccentric lever. The maximum feed level is located at a comfortable working height. Perfectly equipped: Can be combined with document shredder: The well-thought-out construction of these balers allows for an ideal combination with document shredders even when installed at a later date.

Outstanding safety:
The safety exceeds that required by professional associations. Completely enclosed compaction chamber, tie-hole covers with safety switches, automatic ram-head depressurization with unlocked feed door (Komet), safe position of operating personnel during bale ejection.

Technical Data
Komet 8
Komet 12
Komet 18
Ram Pressure approx.
80 kN
120 kN
180 kN
Size of Compaction Chamber (mm)
Feed Opening (mm) approx.
Bale Size (mm) approx.
Bale Weight (kg) approx.
1,5 kW, 380 V
2,2 kW, 380 V
4 kW, 380 V
Tying Modes
Weight (kg) approx.
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H

Technical specifications subject to change.