The fast Can Crusher VG8

The can crusher is fed via the open feed door which can accept cans and trading units up to 30 liters. Once the feed door is closed, the compaction process starts with a simple touch of the start button. The ram head compacts the containers to form a flat package, returns to its starting position, and the motor shuts off automatically. The package is easily removed by opening the compaction chamber. Any fluids released during compaction are drained through an opening on the bottom of the compaction chamber into a collection tank in the base.

Powerful and compact:
80 kN ram pressure are produced with an energy-efficient, integrated hydraulic drive (1.5 kW, 220 V AC), all in an area less than 0.5 m.

Can and drum crushers are:
Enclosed design, electric and hydraulic overload protection.

Reliable and maintenance-free:
By using generously dimensioned and high-quality machine components.

Easy to operate:
Just push the start button. The compaction process and ram return proceed automatically.

Technical Data VG8:
Ram pressure approx.
Dimensions of Compaction Chamber approx. (mm) W x D x H:
Feed Opening (mm):
Cycle Time approx. sec
1,5kW, 230 V
Weight approx. (kg)
Dimensions (mm) W x D x H:
Special Equipment:
Explosion-proof models, stainless steel model, weather-proof
Technical specifications subject to change