The powerful drum crusher F26

After opening the safety feed door, the drum can be placed on the platform of the drum crusher. The drum centering system automatically ensures the correct positioning of the drum. Close the feed door, and start the compaction cycle with a simple push of a button. The ram head moves down and compacts the drum until the maximum pressure has been reached, then returns automatically to its start position. The changeover from compacting to the return stroke is interrupted by a short relief phase to avoid pressure shocks. (This is easier on the hydraulic system and on your maintenance personnel.) Once the ram head has returned to its start position, the drum crusher automatically shuts off, and the compacted drum can be removed. All compaction motions are carried out within a vented protection cabin which protects the operating personnel from material that may squirt out of the drum, while still ensuring uninterrupted viewing by means of a shatter-proof clear screen.

Fast and energy-efficient:
Pressure sensitive step-hydraulic system.

Electrical system with corresponding protection, additional covers at exposed locations, water drains, steel construction without corrosion-prone gap.

Can and drum crushers are:
Enclosed design, electric and hydraulic overload protection.

Reliable and maintenance-free:
By using generously dimensioned and high-quality machine components.

Easy to operate:
Just push the start button. The compaction process and ram return proceed automatically.

Technical Data F26:
Ram Pressure approx. (kN):
Clear Working Height (mm):
Stroke (mm):
Cycle Time approx. sec:
4kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
Weight approx. (kg):
Dimensions (mm) W x D x H:
Special Equipment:
Insertable compaction container for crushing small trading units and cans. Drum crusher with automatic hole punching of drum bottom. Explosion-proof model. Drum crusher with automatic drum feed. Drum crusher with automatic ejection of crushed package, custom models, drum cleaning systems.
Technical specifications subject to change.