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Hydraulic Drum Press F26

Pressing empty, up to 200 l Drums

The drum press has a safety loading door at a comfortable working height, by means of which the containers to be pressed are placed manually in the press room. The ram compresses the drums into a flat package (pellet) with a high pressing force. The pellet can be removed from the press at the end of the pressing process and then disposed. Since liquid or aerosols may still be present in the drums, there is a collection device with a suction connection. The drum press is available in open or closed design.
Additional design possible: EX protection (automatic handling)

Working sequence
With the security loading door open, the drum can be placed on the platform of the press. The drum centering inevitably ensures the correct positioning of the drum. After closing the door, the pressing process can be triggered by pressing a button. The press plate moves down, compresses the drum until the maximum pressure is reached, and then automatically returns to its home position. The changeover process from compression to return stroke is separated by a short pressure release phase to prevent pressure surges. (This protects the hydraulics and your maintenance personnel). When the press ram has reached the starting position, the press switches off.
The pressed drum can be removed. All the movements are done inside a ventilated protective cabin that protects the operators from any spewing media, while maintaining control through the shatter-proof transparent panel.

Fast and energy saving:
Pressure-controlled step hydraulic.

Electrical system in the corresponding degree of protection, additional covers in exposed areas, water drainage openings, steel structures without corrosion-prone gaps.

Drum presses are:

Safe – Closed design, electrical and hydraulic overload protection.

Reliable – Use of amply dimensioned and high-quality machine components.

Easy to handle – Pressing on the start button is enough, and the pressing process and return stroke are automatic.

Technical Data Drum Press F26
Compaction pressure approx.  260 kN
Feeding/Working height approx. 950 mm
Cycle time approx.  15 sec
Stroke approx. 900 mm
Drive 4 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
External dimensions L x W x H approx. 1200 x 700 x 2470 mm
Weight approx. 750 kg

Additional equipment:

– Embedding press container for pressing small containers and boxes.
– Floor with automatic perforation drum of the Ex protection system,
– Barrel press with automatic barrel feed,
– Barrel cleaning systems,
– Customized special versions.