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Pellet Gripper

The Pellet Gripper is designed as a hydraulically operated and spring tensioned clamping ring system. The Hydraulic Compact Unit for operating the Pellet Gripper is mounted at the Z-Axis of the Portal Crane.

The lifting capacity of the Pellet Griper amounts up to 500 kg. In case of loss of power supply (electrical or hydraulic power) the carried load cannot be released. An appropriate mechanical locking mechanism (spring pack) is provided to ensure the grip.

The design of the Pellet Gripper assures that during pellet insertion the drum itself as well as the In-drum shelf will not be damaged or scratched.


Technical Data:

Weight: ca. 60 kg
Gripping area: for Pellets from 170 l, 180 l, 200 l Drums
Lifting capacity: max. 5 kN (500 kg)
Pellet Gripper: hydraulik
Power supply: 400 V; 50 Hz
Power consumption (hydraulic unit): 0.55 kW