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Mobile Tank Cleaning Device

Folding and remote controlled unit for the cleaning of waste water tanks with contaminated content. The vehicle is manufactured of stainless steel and powered by water hydraulic. For remote controlled operation the unit is equipped with a camera system at the spray head and monitors at the operator desk. The electric control system and the hydraulic unit are placed outside of the tank and are connected to the cleaning device with supply line system.

Technical data:

Minimum size L x W x H: 730 x 790 x 2515 mm
Maximum size L x W x H: 2010 x 7200 x 2515 mm
Weight of the Cleaning Device: 1500 kg
Operating Range: 32 m
Operating Range in height: 0 – 8 m
Performance of water-jet: 300 – 750 l/hour
Pressure of water-jet: 30 – 150 bar
Heating Power of water-jet: 24 kW
Power Supply: 400 V; 50 Hz
Rated Power: 30 kW
Hydraulic unit:
Tank capacity: 700 l (demineralised water)
Hydraulic pressure: 170 bar
Hydraulic drive: 5.5 kW; 400 V; 50 Hz