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Filter Press FP100

Remote-operated compaction of low- and medium-active contaminated HVAC Filter Cartridges and subsequent compression in crumple drums.


• Press frame and other machine parts not in direct contact with contamination are made of carbon steel and coated with decont paint.
• Compacting tools are made of stainless steel, annealed with profiles.
• The electric and hydraulic units can be installed in a separate room.

Technical Data:

Dimension L x W x H: 8200 x 2100 x 4700 mm
Weight: 8300 kg
Compaction Force: 80 – 1000 kN (adjustable)
Stroke:  1450 mm
Throughput: 8 filter/hour
Exhaustion: 600 m³/hour
Size of Filter Cartridge max.: 750 x 600 x 600 mm
Electric Power Supply: 400 V / 50 Hz
Rated Power: 15kW

An electric switchgear with PLC is installed for the both, the press and the chain transport. The switchgear is designed according to the currently valid VDE / CE standards. Operation and visualization takes place via a touch panel integrated in the control panel. For the implementation of the interface to external control systems, potential-free contacts are planned in the control cabinet of the filter press.